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“Our loop pipes will cut your heat down with no effort”

Technology originated from Space

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What We Are

Technology originated from Space


for Data Centers

Loop Heat Pipes (LHP) maintains direct-to-chip passive two-phases cooling for a wide spectrum of servers and switches.

LHP is a risk-free and

no maintenance system.

HPC Server


LHP removes heat from the hottest servers like HPC, AI, ML by dealing with the power up to 500W/

We can serve both the current servers you have and the next generation systems which will come within next the 2-3 years

High Density

of Servers

LHP maximizes data center area utilization by using up to 100% of the rack space.

Our clients install 2-3 times more servers per sq. ft. than an average data center in the industry

Enviromentally friendly

LHP is a carbon free cooling framework. Being able to reach the minimal PUE, we prevent any possibile water pollutiuon and keep your data center ecofriendly.


About Company

Technology originated from Space

Neurok Thermocon was born as a small R&D company to bring Loop Heat Pipes (LHP) technology back to Earth from Space. Being invented for extremal space conditions LHP are able to transfer a significant amount of heat to a long distance using a passive approach. Our goal was to make LHP affordable as a cooling product for Data Centers and other electronic hardware...


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Customer Success

  • Implementations of our LHPs for cooling of the racks in DC

  • Implementations (continuation)

“Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.”

Winston Churchill

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