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Neurok Thermocon was born as a small R&D company to bring Loop Heat Pipes (LHP) technology back to Earth from Space. Being invented for extreme space conditions LHP are able to transfer a significant amount of heat to a long distance using a passive approach. Our goal was to make LHP affordable as a cooling product for Data Centers and other electronic hardware.

Neurok Thermocon developed a cost effective and scalable manufacturing process for LHP in 2015. This development helped us to get our first commercial customers in 2016 and reach operational breakeven point in Europe. An expansion to the US was started in 2021 when new office and manufacturing facility were established in magnificent San Diego, CA.

We believe that the heat generation is one of the largest issues humanity will face during the next decade or more. We hope that our product and technologies will help people to increase power and speed of the modern infrastructure and will utilize heat in a useful, nature-safe way.

Vadim Asadov,

Neurok Thermocon Inc., CEO

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