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Customers Success

Data Pro Tier III Cloud provider

1 rack - 40 Supermicro servers, CPU Intel TDP 95W, 
Total heat power = 16kW. Double reservation is made according to TIER III Uptime Institute USA. System is up and running for 2,5 years.
No maintenance. Data Pro cloud is running on this system

Host Key hosting provider

2 racks 48 RU with 45 Supermicro servers. CPU AMD TDP 180W
Total heat power = 36kW

Data Line owner of the one of the largest Data Center in Europe

1 rack with 16 YADRO (Huawei) servers. CPU Intel TDP 205W 
Total heat power = 16 kW.
Joint development is done to modify YADRO for VEGMAN server

SelecTel Tier III Cloud provider

1 rack 48U  with 45 custom servers CPU Intel core i7 TDP 125W
Total heat power =  23kW
Backlog: 100 racks with custom servers and 20 racks with HPE gen9/10

Unnamed international HPC player

LHP is selected as a better alternative to immersion cooling.
First project; 10MW.
One of the stated problem of immersion cooling is a strong degradation of optical connector performance (Mellanox interconnect)
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